Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drop Shipping Now Available in SOS Inventory

From the time we signed up our very first SOS Inventory customer, one of the most requested features has been improved support for drop-shipping. For those that don’t know, drop-shipping happens when your supplier ships a product directly to your customer. It allows you to expand your product offering without expanding your inventory. Many companies that use SOS rely on drop-shipping for at least some of their products.

In the latest release of SOS Inventory, both purchase orders and sales orders can have a special drop-shipping designation. That designation tells the system that you don’t expect to “receive” the purchase order, as it is going directly to a customer. Similarly, you don’t have to “ship” a drop-shipped sales order, as that function is handled by the vendor.

As we finish this year and move into 2013, we’ll be releasing several more of our most-requested features. As always, please contact us at support@sosinventory.com if we can answer any questions. Happy Thanksgiving!


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