Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recent Improvements to OE Companion

Those of you who regularly send us feedback know that we are extremely responsive to customer issues. We certainly don’t implement every suggestion that comes our way, but we do our best to incorporate your comments into the product. Here are a few nuggets we’ve added to OE Companion in recent weeks based on your feedback. Thanks again for sending it, and keep it coming.

  • Added a discussion group (accessible via help menu)

  • Improved display of sub-items and sub-customers

  • Added estimated ship date to purchase orders

  • Added ability to display purchase order numbers on packing slips

  • Enabled an approval process for purchase orders

  • Added ability to customize email messages sent with POs, sales orders, and packing slips

  • Modified list screens so that they remember sort order

  • Improved structure of help menus

  • Modified purchase orders to include separate column for vendor part number

  • Added setting to automatically CC all purchase orders to a specified address

  • Added ability to specify that certain items should not synchronize with QuickBooks Online

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