Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Document Management for QuickBooks Online

Can’t ever find the documents you need? Do you want to make the move to a paperless office? In either case, OE Companion can help. We just released the new “Docs” module of OE Companion to give you anytime, anywhere access to your files, organized by QuickBooks transaction.

Now you can upload files to OE Companion and link them to OE Companion and QuickBooks Online. For example, you could upload all of your vendor W-9 forms and have them linked to each vendor for easy access. You could scan purchase orders and link them to shipments. You are limited only by your imagination.

Currently the Docs module is in a beta phase, which means everyone can use it for free. It also means that we need feedback from you. We want to hear your thoughts so that we can improve the product.

Here are a few of the key features:
  • You can link documents to customers, vendors, invoices, sales receipts, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory items, or anything else tracked by QuickBooks Online or OE Companion.
  • Each document can be linked to multiple transactions, and each transaction can be linked to multiple documents.
  • All uploaded files are backed up regularly to a secure offsite backup.
Try it out for yourself. If you are already a subscriber, look for the "Documents" option under the Company menu. If you aren't yet a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Start a free trial today.

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