Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strange user showing up in QuickBooks Online

June 5 Update: I did hear back from Intuit on this (thanks for the quick response guys!). It appears to be an issue on their side and they are looking into it.


Third-party applications (like OE Companion) are not allowed to access the user list in QuickBooks Online. That's a security feature put in place by QBOE, and it's a good one. Instead what happens is that the app is listed in the Connections List in QBOE. It's not considered a "user" like someone who logs in. It's considered a connection, which makes sense.

So imagine my surprise this week when my user list looked like the screenshot below. Somehow, a strange user had been added to my user list. When you click on that user for more information, it's clearly related to a third-party app (mine). Strange!

I have two QBOE accounts that I use with OE Companion - one for testing and one for the service business I own (the reason I developed OE Companion in the first place). This odd user only showed up in one of my companies, not both. I deleted the user, and OE Companion still works fine, so hopefully it's just a temporary glitch in QBOE. I have heard one other report of this happening to someone.

I contacted Intuit support to ask them what happened. I'll post here when/if I find out any details from them. If you have seen a user like this in your QBOE account, whether you use OE Companion or not, please drop me a comment or an email and let me know. At this point, any information would be helpful to figure out the explanation.

The good news is that it doesn't appear to affect either QBOE or the third-party apps in any way. It appears to be more of a curiosity thing at this point.

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