Friday, January 2, 2009


I'll be honest. I really like QuickBooks Online Edition. I just do. I know it has its share of issues just like any other product, but I wouldn't think of using anything else. The convenience of online accounting and the reliability of Intuit far outweigh the drawbacks of using QBOE (which I will certainly discuss often on this blog).

With that said, if you use QuickBooks Online or have considered it, you know that it doesn't have all the features of the desktop versions of QuickBooks. That is by design. Intuit didn't really intend it to be a replacement for QuickBooks Pro (more on this in future posts). A more substantial problem in my opinion is that QBOE does not take advantage of many of the real benefits of a web-based accounting system.

In addition to my side-businesses that I manage with QuickBooks Online, I am a software developer. That is my "real" job. So I designed my own add-ins to do what I needed. Now I am developing those for release to the public. I will post much more information in the coming weeks. For now, if you are interested, go to the OE Companion homepage and sign up to be a beta tester.


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